Water Well Project

Clean water. It falls from the sky. It flows down rivers and streams. For some of us, it magically comes out of the tap. But, for far too many people, it is not so easy to come by.

Safe drinking water and basic sanitation are vital components for the preservation of human health, especially among children. Water-related diseases are the most common cause of illness and death among the poor of developing countries.

Fresh water is not always readily available. For many remote villages, women and children have to walk many miles each day—often  through unsafe territory—to bring fresh, clean water from a public tap back to their village.

The Right to Water, recently proclaimed by the United Nations, (General Comment No 15, 2002), is said to be “indispensable for leading a life in human dignity” and “a prerequisite for the realization of other human rights.” Access to water and sanitation is a crucial moral and ethical step towards elevating the poor and less fortunate.

Clean water means:

  • Improved public health
  • Less disease
  • Lower infant mortality rates

Water Wells

Each $1500 we raise will fund the installation of a water well to provide clean water to an entire village.

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