Eggs for Orphans

Supply an orphanage with a year’s supply of eggs for it’s children.

Our mission is to help raise levels of food production with sustainable projects in farming. Our initiatives improve the health and wellbeing of the children. We also provide the older children with the skills they need to farm after graduation, and provide for the next generation. Most of these children are the so-called “slum kids” found in ditches and on the streets of India. They are usually found and brought in by police and small social workers’ offices.

Our project’s goal is to feed the 6,000 orphans and 1,900 caregivers and teachers at 38 orphanages across India. By India law, each child MUST eat an egg every other day and one piece of chicken on Sunday. A few vegetables and rice are provided twice a day.

In total our project is looking to raise the money to purchase 192,000 eggs per month @ 15¢ per egg.

Per month, we need to raise $28,800 to purchase the eggs required to maintain this project.

Over the past three years, food security and economic crises have highlighted both the urgent need and the potential for developing sustainable agricultural systems. According to UN Food Project, Nearly one billion people – one out of six globally – lack access to adequate food and nutrition. By 2050, the global population will surpass 9 billion people, and demand for agricultural products is expected to double. At the same time, the world’s agricultural systems will be increasingly challenged by water scarcity, climate change and volatility, raising the risk of production shortfalls.

Because of soaring food prices and economic crisis in global markets, there is an urgent need and great potential for developing sustainable agricultural systems. Radical change must be made to reach the critical need in India and Africa to alleviate poverty and hunger.

Egg Project

Your donations help to feed orphans with sustainable farming initiatives.

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