Father’s Day

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The Holocaust!

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Never Again!!

The Holocaust is one of the most terrible events in human history. It occurred during World War II when Hitler was leader of Germany. Six million Jewish people were murdered by the Nazis. This included as many as 1 million Jewish children. Millions of other people that Hitler didn't like were killed as well. This included Polish people, Catholics, Serbs, and handicapped people. It is thought that the Nazis murdered as many as 17 million innocent people. This text is Copyright © ... Read more

Speak out!

It's time to talk about it! Your voice is your future! Prevent Sexual Violence! Spread the Word! Read more

Homelessness in America & Faith – Based Shelters

A recent article written by Adelle M. Banks reports that Baylor University has conducted a study on religious organizations and homelessness in America and has found that faith - based organizations are providing more than 58% of the shelter beds for homeless people across the country.   These reports are based on analysis of the data collected by the U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Development where studies have been conducted in 11 cities with such organizations as the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities ... Read more

Kool Aid Pill

I am in deep relection as I write on today’s news and attitudes with a renewed sense of resolved direction and hope. I am so honored to have the opportunity to attend the Inauguration of our 45th President. It is our Constitutional right to bear witness a peaceful transition of governmental leadership for the “unity” of all Americans, We The People. But as a nation, it has been said over several election cycles that we are at a cross road TODAY.   ... Read more
Basket of Deplorables

Basket of Deplorables & The Irredeemable

Reflecting on this statement by the democratic nominee for President, I have had a week to pull my jaw off the floor as to her characterization of millions of Americans – who are law abiding, tax paying, flag waving and loving citizens. I was standing in Alaska when I heard the statement she made. Such a backdrop of untouched beauty, wilderness and pride in a State that persevered in such weather and wild west lifestyle compared to her intolerable and her ... Read more

The Veritas Deception by Lynne Constantine

"Days after U.S. Senator Malcolm Phillips changes his vote on a bill he sponsored, he is murdered and his death disguised as an accident. He contacted one man before he died: investigative journalist, Jack Logan. He left Jack a single clue to help him uncover the truth and keep Phillip’s widow, Taylor, safe. But safe from whom?" [Read More] Read more

The Civil Rights of a Child

“I define a person as a human being with its own unique DNA. If you were to take a cell from a fetus and clone it, you would not get a twin of the mother, but a twin of the fetus. Therefore, the fetus is its own separate being. This seems a concrete, unarguable way to define a person: a human being with its own unique DNA. Using that definition, I believe that each person, black, white, gay, straight, deaf, male, ... Read more

The Last Stand for the Republic

Nothing could be more black and white than the election of 2016 – at the National, State or Local levels. There is no political issue greater than the human devastation and the murder of over 55 million children since Roe v. Wade. Hidden Choices is calling upon all leaders in the U.S. to take a Stand-4-Life this year. All races, all creeds, all lives matter. Mobilize, organize, and lead this movement to take that STAND for the aborted and those choosing ... Read more
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