Baby Beds

Hidden Choices Crib Initiative to young, inner city mothers in need of safe environments while providing for the well-being of their newborn child.

The safety and health outlook for newborns in impoverished families in the United States is a major concern. Cribs and bedding are desperately needed, especially in inner city housing. A high percentage of newborns are being raised only by their mother. These families have minimal living conditions with bare furniture. Mothers have minimum wage jobs – traveling to work sometimes by 2-3 buses. Daycare costs and the general cost of living can prohibit these struggling mothers from purchasing a crib for their baby, which can run from $200 and up.

Quite often, these newborns are brought home from the hospital to sleep on couches or between pillows on the floor. The safety and health of these newborns – at their most vulnerable stage in life – is dependent on a safe place for them to sleep.

Our goal is to provide 5,000 cribs and bedding to newborns through hospital and community social services.  Every child deserves a fighting chance for a better life.

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Baby Bed Project

Help mothers purchase bedding for their infants.

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